Rekordbox 5.0

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Rekordbox 5.0Pioneer heeft zojuist versie 5.0 van hun muziekmanagement software uitgebracht. Deze software is gratis te downloaden op en bevat een hoop nieuwe features, ondersteuning voor de DDJ-XP1 controller en DJM-S9 battle-mixer en diverse fixes voor de software.

Release notes:

-Compatible devices added: DDJ-XP1, DJM-S9 (DJM-S9: Please update the firmware to the latest version).
-Ability to import a playlist (including music files) from a USB/SD device.
-Ability to play tracks from an exported USB/SD device in Performance mode.
-Added KEY SHIFT/KEY SYNC feature.
-Added 16 HOT CUE/PAD FX support.
-Added KEYBOARD Mode (Key-Shifted HOT CUE play).
-Added BEAT LOOP mode.
-Added the option to play a HOT CUE before reaching the next beat.
-Added options to select the QUANTIZE beat length for different Performance features.
-Added the option to SYNC tracks with BPM that is double or half the master deck BPM.
-PAD EDITOR: Customize pad modes and functions assigned to the performance pads (compatible unit: DDJ-XP1).

-Renewed GUI.
-Improved accuracy of beat grid analysis.
-Added Preferences to select either 16 or 8 slot SAMPLER.
-Ability to set beat grids from tracks with no tempo transients.
-Ability to display remaining and elapsed time together.
-Ability to display original BPM on decks.
-Ability to select beat length or parameter (%/Time) for each FX in BEAT FX multi-mode.
-Track search buttons search tracks based on a previously loaded track.
-Placed AUTO GAIN pots on the deck panels.
-1.1 bar can be placed at any position of a track.
-Shorter track loading time when a track was loaded using a controller.
-Hi-speed switching between browser panels using the space bar.
-More options for BROWSE font size and line space.

-FX panel remained visible when BROWSE mode was selected if DVS was turned ON/OFF in the Preferences while the FX panel was open.
-Unnecessary green strip appeared on the bottom of certain videos.
-HOT LOOP was called when clicking a HOT CUE during a HOT LOOP in DVS RELATIVE mode.
-Artwork was not displayed in the Info screen and in the video tree track lists when video files were imported to computers with certain graphics cards.
-CFX USER mode settings were not saved.
-BEAT JUMP length was not saved in EXPORT mode.
-DDJ-RZ: The jog wheel spun rapidly and stopped after a short time when you touched the jog wheel after using the DDJ-RZ for a few hours.
-Improved stability and fixed other minor issues.